God Loves Us.
God Wants Us to Love Him.
God Wants Us to Love Each Other.
God Wants Us to Join Him in Heaven.

It is a Message brought to us by Jesus in the Gospels of the Bible.

It is an invitation to find joy and peace in our lives and to look forward with hope to the promise of spending eternity in the presence of God's love in heaven.

It is a Message that leaves us with a choice.

Do we choose God and this path that Jesus has set before us, or do we choose another path that leads away from God?



"Without faith no one can please God.
Anyone who comes to God must believe that He is real and that He rewards those who truly want to find Him."
Hebrews 11:6

If we accept God's True Message into our hearts, we begin to understand that it is the very foundation and essence of faith.

Faith is based on the belief that we have a Creator. We understand that our Creator is like a good parent who loves us unconditionally and who wants to protect, guide, and help His children. And like a good parent, He would never harm us and only wants what is best for us. When our faith is strong, we have absolute trust in God’s love for us, regardless of our circumstances.

Faith requires us to understand and accept the path that Jesus has set before us. God wants us to love others through genuine and sincere kindness and compassion. This means that we will be humble. We will not be critical or judgmental of others. We will not be hurtful or take advantage of others. Likewise, we will not treat others with indifference. We will help those who need help. And when we are wronged, we will forgive. If we love God, we will do these things daily. Constantly. Not just to those who are close to us like family and friends, but to everyone. When we stumble, we can ask God for forgiveness, and we will be forgiven.

Faith reminds us that God wants us to join Him in heaven, but our hearts must reflect God's love which we convey with our thoughts, how we speak to others, how we treat others, and how we live our lives. It is important to understand that those who do not accept God and the path that Jesus has set before us are also rejecting His invitation to join Him in heaven. And in the end, when those people come to understand that they will be separated from God and His love for all of eternity, their anguish will be unbearable.

Faith will compel us to invite God into our lives and maintain a relationship with Him through prayer. We should pray every day and throughout the day. It is impossible to pray too much. We can pray for protection, forgiveness, guidance, understanding, and peace. We can express our love, our gratitude, our needs, our worries, and our fears. We should pray boldly and be generous with our prayers for others. Trust that God will hear your prayers and respond. Listen and watch for ways that God may be speaking to you that may not be in the form and the timeframe that you are expecting. And when your prayers are answered, remember to give thanks to God. Without prayer, we are strangers to God.

Faith encourages us to place God in the center and forefront of our lives. We do not allow the material trappings and activities of this world distract us from living a life that honors God.



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We hope that you will invite God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit into your life, pray every day, obey the teachings of Jesus, and live a humble life of love that honors God.

And always remember:

  • God is like a good parent who loves us unconditionally.

  • Faith, in its simplest form, is our absolute trust in God's love for us, regardless of our circumstances.

  • Without prayer, we are strangers to God.

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