Recent Messages from God


Belovéd Children, I am your Lord God and your Eternal Father. I Love you like every good Father adores His Sons and Daughters. You do not fathom the strength or calibre of My Love. It is Eternal, Heavenly, Divine, and Holy, Sacred. You cannot compare the Love of the Creator with any other. It is an impossibility. With My Son and through the Holy Spirit I give you Perfect Love and blessings. Thus, I say, trust in the Love of your Lord God as you do a good parent. 

A child trusts his father for food and shelter and Love and warmth and affection and gifts and a bed on which to sleep. The father puts the child to rest and comforts his child when he is wounded. A Father celebrates his child’s successes and teaches his child how to live a good life of Love and joy. The child Loves his father with all of his heart and trusts him and adores him and listens to him and is obedient to him because the child knows his father’s Love is true and unbreakable and the foundation of every action the father takes on the child’s behalf.

So it is with God the Father. I wish the same relationship, the same understanding and trust with My Belovéd Children, for I am your Lord God, and My Love for My Children of this World far exceeds the Love that any father can ever have for his children. I am Love, and Greatest Love comes from your Lord God. Welcome My Love into your hearts, Children and come to Me like children. 

Blesséd Children, do not doubt My Love for you. Know that it is a constant where everything else will fail you. Rely on My Love. It is ever-present and yours. I do not remove Myself from you. I do not leave you. I do not remove My Love from you. I do not hurt that which I have created.  I do not destroy those whom I Love and created from Love. It is an impossibility. Thus, Love Me, Children. Trust in Me, Children. Have faith in My consistent Love, My Belovéds. 

Belovéd Children, My Arms are open to embrace you and yet so few come to Me. I am weak with sadness. How I worry over My Belovéd Children as a good parent worries about their children. Fearful that you may harm yourselves or lead yourselves down a dangerous path, as so many have.  Do you not know My anxiety for you? 

Know this, My Belovéd Children, I am not an intrusive Father, and while I long for each of you so deeply, I wait for you to come to Me and My Love. Seek Me out and you will find your Loving Father so ready to embrace you! Seek Me out and I am here, anxious and joyous to put My Hands upon your face and kiss your brow with great Love and tenderness. Belovéd Children, one call and I am with you leading you out of darkness and into the Light of My Love. One whisper of hope and your hand is in Mine. I want you with Me, My Children.  

Belovéd Children, I am not an intrusive God. Your Love for Me I cherish and desire but I will not or cannot demand (it from) My Belovéd Children. I have given My Children freedom to decide your futures, for demanding your love and attention would only be slavery, not true Love. I am not intrusive thus. When, in your freedom, you choose to Love Me, how My Sacred Heart leaps with Love and joy and relief! All of Heaven rejoices and there are songs of praise in My Ears. Your Love is a gift to Me when you offer it. Thus, you must each find your way to Me with guidance of the Christ Jesus who is My Most Belovéd Son who Loves you. 

Love Me, Children.  It is your choice, to Love or not Love.  Open your Hearts to Me but a little and I shall show you how life changes in the most Loving and best of ways. 

Know this, you are each extremely precious to Me. You can do nothing to change My Love for you. Only you can reject My Love. Take this to Heart, My Weary Children and trust in Me always.

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Recent Messages from God


Belovéd Children, in order to come into the house of God, you must be willing to learn something of your Master. What person invites a stranger into His Home? If you do not know Me and I do not know you, shall I open My door to you? How well will you know someone before you will invite them into your house, introduce him as a friend to your other friends? Do you visit them often? Or not at all? Call them or not at all or perhaps only when you are in need of help?

I Love each of My Belovéd Children and want each of you with Me for Eternity, but as My Belovéd Children go through this Life, you make it difficult for this to happen. Your Eternity depends on how you live now. Spend time with the Lord that you understand what is good in His eyes and what is acceptable. Then shall you see and know that which is not good in His eyes and what is not acceptable. 

Follow the path the Christ has set forth for you. He became Love personified for your redemption. His Love is perfection and so I say follow My Belovéd Son, the Lord Christ. You must excel to the extent that you can. Work towards perfect Love. Patience. Gentleness. Serenity. Consideration. Courage. Faith. Brotherhood and fellowship. You as children are born with these things but give them up so quickly. The path to Heaven gets them back for you. It is a path of work and struggle. It is a path of learning and growth. It is a path of compassion and Love. All of these things, while difficult, are necessary. 

Perfect Love fills your spirit and heart. It answers every need. Work towards perfect Love in every thought, every action, every behavior. Thus you Love Me. Do you see, My Dearest and Beloved Children. Love is all-encompassing, all-enabling and all-consuming. That is, Love is not a temporary thought, action or behavior. It is not once or twice but always with everyone, friends and enemies alike. And that is the greatest test - to Love in the face of your greatest enemies. Can you look into the eyes of your most hated brother and forgive him and offer him, My Own Child, your Love, your unconditional forgiveness and Love? Such are the difficulties of truest and perfect Love. If you Love Me, Love your brothers and sisters as perfectly or as wholly as you can. 

My Belovéd Children bring Me joy when I see great Love amongst them. Love each other as you Love Me, your Father in Heaven. Love your Brothers and Sisters unconditionally and know that I am greatly pleased by this. Be kind and forgiving of your Brothers and Sisters and tamp your anger.  Love and forgive those who have wounded you. This I see and I Love to see My Children working toward peacefulness. I Love charity. I Love the Merciful. I Love those who act without boasting. I love the sinner who fights against his sin.

Belovéd Children, do not compromise with sin. Do not judge your Brothers and Sisters, but do not follow them into their follies of sin. Let them abide by My Laws or not.  You must, in knowing My Laws, ever work to live within them. Learn to cherish the Laws I have given you, as they are the road map to Heaven. Do not stray from the road and your life shall be a full and satisfying life.

Children, do not be wedded to your money or to your fame and popularity.  Do not be wedded to your office and riches and health.  Do not adore these things, for they do nothing but lay waste to your Souls.  There is no treasure on earth that can equal the value of My Immense Love for you, My Children. 

I am the Lord God and My wish is for All of My Belovéd Children to remain with Me in the company of the Christ and the Spirit, both of whom are Most Beatific, Most Holy, and Most Wondrous.

Believe, Belovéd Children, that Eternity is real and the road you take now guides you to Me or away from Me. Follow the path that My Belovéd Son has laid out before you. 

Belovéd Children, be compassionate and forgiving of your Brothers and Sisters. Show forgiveness and Love to every Brother and Sister. I am Love, and as you are compassionate and forgiving, so shall I be for you. 

Belovéd Children, I do not lie. There is a split, and Hell is real. Heaven is joy and Hell is without faith. Heaven is full Love. Hell has no Love and no Light, for the Light of God is extinguished to those who die, those who fall into the fearsome and lonely pits. I am not with you and My un-Love is the BIGGEST hardship, or tragedy, or Heart wrench of all. Thus (you) bear the consequences of your rejection. Where you do not Love Me, you cannot survive nor will you enjoy everlasting life within the Kingdom of Heaven. You are contained in an eternity of darkness. Children, believe Me when I say, there are so many, many of My Children who are suffering in the fringes of the dark and evil pit. 

Dearest Children, you must All Come to know Me, your Heavenly Father, your Savior and the Holy Spirit of Life. You do not see the dangers of turning God away. You tempt the dark one and invite destruction and horrible desolation into your lives and souls. Do not think that your spiritual life ends here in this tattered and shaken World, for it does not. This life of yours is but a flicker of your Time, which is so very short but so very important to you and to Me. Why do you risk your eternity? Every vice you adopt and every base pleasure you enjoy pounds the depths of your soul into darkness and I can see you no more. Come to Me for mercy. I can forgive you your sins and show you a new and more blesséd Life. 

Do not fear your Father and Celestial Parent. A loving and good parent will never turn away his wayward child because he has erred. The father rejoices in his children and leads by his very love because his children should know Love and have Love and are deserving of all of their Father’s Love, no matter what transgression lays heavily upon his child’s heart. 

Trust in Me, My Children. Do Not turn Me away, for I Love you and want you with Me. You are My Sons and Daughters, created by Love with Love for Love. Trust in your Heavenly Parent and take no chances with your souls. Now is the Time to come to Me. Open your hearts and come to My Merciful Love and forgiveness. Know My Love and forgiveness before you cannot know it. 

Dearest Children, believe in your Lord God and Loving Father. I want you always joyful, safe, and Loving Me. This is the best of Worlds, when you are dedicated in your hearts and lives to God your Father. I do not lead you astray. I lead you to good gifts and joy. My Love is unswerving and unending. It is for you. It is My biggest gift for Mankind.

Those who place Me first will be invited to Love’s Kingdom. Those who place Me last will know no peace. When you put Me second, I place you in that same place and do not make you My Most important (favored) child. Belovéd Children, understand this. You MUST place Me and My Love for you, foremost in your Hearts, Minds, Souls and bodies. 

Have faith in My Love for you. Do not doubt the Father who Loves you and who ever looks after you and your safety. Place Me in the center and forefront of your lives.  Dedicate your lives to Loving Me and you will know great joy. You will learn trust and discernment. You will know comfort and Love when you are most in need. You will have joyousness in your home as you invite Me to your own table. I am your Lord God and I wish or hope for My Children to include Me in all things. In all places or pieces of life. 

Invite Me in, My Belovéd Children. I wait for your Loving call.

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Recent Messages from God


Belovéd Children, I wait with bended ear to hear your prayers spill forth from your lips like honey.  Your prayers are songs to My Ears, and the whole of Heaven listens with anxiousness and anticipation. Your prayers charm My Heart and bring warmth to its inner core. I Love your prayers and answer them always with a full, loving, and enthusiastic Heart. Prayer, My Children, brings you to My Heart, the very spring or fountain of Love. Come to Me with Love and I embrace you with Love, Mercy, and joy. 

Every small prayer, every call for help, every hello and goodnight, and every unnecessary apology are heard by Me and Loved. I hear these and they do not require grandiosity to "count”, or be relevant, or be heard. Regardless of smallness, each is of great value to your Beloved Father. Know this is true. 

Children, never hesitate to pray and do not leave anything out. For whatever is of importance to you, My Children, is of importance to Me. You could look at the whole of the World to pray about and decide your only concern was a pebble, and My Heart would hear and be moved by your words of prayer. I would heed your desperate requests for this pebble, but not for its sake. For yours. Again, you could look at the World and decide your prayer must be for the ending of a great war, and surely that prayer of yours, so large in its intent and lofty in its faith, would be heard and My Holy Gaze would look fondly upon you and the war would go in another direction towards peace. 

When you are in need of an answer, pray and I will listen and give you your answer. If you are facing great tribulations and cannot see your way through it, pray. I will bring you the consolation and peace and guidance you seek. When you hope for something, tell Me. Share your hopes with Me through prayer and I will hear you and ascertain what joys I shall bring to you to overcome you with.

When you are frightened, your prayer brings My Army of Angels to your side and I am with you to brush My Hand against your brow and calm the waves that overcome you.  When I hear your prayers, I am compelled to help My Children. I answer all prayers because I Love My Children and cannot resist your requests. Children, when you pray, pray with determination and joy, trusting utterly in My Willingness to answer. Trust in Me to give you good gifts.  You must trust. Trust in Me always, and know My Answers are made from Love and lead you to joy and Light. Believe that I answer. Keep your heart open to My answers. They may not be the answers you want; however, I have answered, and it is My Will. 

When your faith is pure and your Trust and belief in Me so complete, so total, I will do as you ask. I will move the mountains for you. You must believe this. You must close your eyes and deafen your ears and close your mind to all that you think you know and believe only in Me and My Word. When you can do this, you will see wondrous miracles occur. 

Precious Children, the noise of this World seeks to pull you into its grasp. So many ways does it have to distract you from Me. I say therefore, be in constant prayer. When you wake, while you eat, when you speak, as you think and when you prepare to sleep again, always pray to Me. Ask for My Direction. Ask Me for My aid. Assign to Me what tasks you will and gladly will I fulfill them. I wish to be inclusive. My Love and presence in your mind and soul keeps you strong. Your constant focus on your Lord God prevents the noise of this World from overcoming the peace you feel through deep prayer. 

You cannot know Me without prayer. Know this to be true. It is through prayer that I make myself known to you and I open your eyes. Prayer opens your ears to My Love. Prayer is as essential to your life as breathing or eating. Prayer is the blood of your soul. It cannot survive without prayer.

Be prayerful, My Belovéd Children. Thus you will discern what is truly of Me, your Lord God and of the Christ, Jesus, My Belovéd Son, of the Spirit that brings the Light of Love to you, through constant and devoted prayer.

Belovéd Children, believe Me when I tell you, prayer is a saving grace and it is only through greatest prayer that you know and understand the Will of your Lord God and Father who Loves you. That is why I insist you build your faith through prayer. Prayer strengthens you as it strengthens your relationship with your Lord God of Heaven. Pray deeply, peacefully and with full hearts. Grow closer to Me through your prayers.

When there is no prayer, My Children are not protected. Pray and know that as you pray, I hear your prayers and keep you safe. Without prayer, you are weak and an easy target for darknesses. You are easily taken and easily wounded.  Thus, I say, guard your Souls adamantly and pray to your Lord God who Loves you so well. 

When you pray to your Lord God, to Christ Jesus, the Holy One, you are made strong. You are drawn closer to Eternal Holiness. When you pray for your Brothers and Sisters, you share such astounding Loving blessings! You provide strength and Love and mercy to those for whom you pray and the Heart of My Belovéd Son swells with Love.

Love is such a wonderful prayer – to ask for more Love for this World.  It so needs it and all good things come from Love.  It is a wise prayer thus. Pray for peace and joy and Love throughout the world. 

Pray. Use it on those you Love as well as on those who are the rocks in your shoes. Pray not because you must do so but because you want to or desire to do so. Do not mistake prayer for weakness, for it is not. It is the greatest Sword in your sheathes. Prayer is so very strong. It is a powerful thing. A gentle and powerful weapon that you can wield easily with great power and it is effective. I answer all of your prayers.

Please pray for those who do not believe and are therefore blind to the depths of My Love. Though so many are lost in such darkness and plagued by such sins, never forget that My Love for those Children is also so very Great. I wish them to be with Me and so through prayer they are saved. They are made to understand and find Me. Do not judge these Children of the World. Pray for them and gather them up for Me. Show them your great Love for your Lord God. 

Prayer converts many. Even while you may never see it, the fruits of your labor, know that your prayers are always heard and answered. Your intercessions on behalf of all sinners are heard and your Heavenly Father brings His Mercy to those for whom you have offered prayers. With constant and Loving prayers, you widen the path to Eternal Life and make narrow the terrible road to perdition. Prayer saves so many of My Belovéd Children.

(Those of you who deny me), pray but one prayer, ask Me but once to join you in Love, and I will show you the depths of My Love, My Existence and the tangibility of Me. I am and have been and will be. You will know by one humble open prayer alone that I am true and righteous. Disbelievers, allow Me that opportunity and I shall prove to you My Love

Do not doubt My Love, My Children.  Do not doubt Me.  Instead, turn to Me with great prayer and know that I bless, protect, and guide you throughout your life.   

Be faithful and pray, Children. A Time comes soon when you will need your faith and your prayer will be the only thing that will sustain you. Make your trust for Me unshakeable. Let your trust be so strong that were you in the midst of a rising storm, you would think only to call to Me for aid. Trust so much in Me that even if you were to face fire on an edge of a crumbling mountain, you would be sure that with one prayer to Me, the fire would be cooled and your footing restored to solid ground. Thus must be your trust in your Lord God. 

Belovéd Children, pray always. There are no bad or wrong prayers. There are only missed prayers and missing prayers. I Love your prayers, and so I say, pray to your Lord God who Loves you. Pray, My Children and know that I hear every prayer and answer every prayer, and My Will for you is perfect and good.  Always pray and live a Life that honors Me, your Loving Father and Lord God. Peace, My Children. Peace.

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Recent Messages from God


Children, believe in Me. Know that I am just and that I am a Loving Parent too. Everything I do or action I take is for My Love of you, My Children. I see you struggle; I see you wander into danger, and as a Loving Parent does, I must act to prevent My Blessed Children from heading into danger and harm’s way. Do you understand this, My Children?

Oh Parents of the World’s children, do you not do the same? When your child falters, do you not steady them? When your child smiles, do you not feel your heart sing? When your child follows the unruly and disobedient path, do you not seek to correct him? For the good and loving parent wants only happiness and health for his children. A mother desires safety and love for her sons and daughters. The love of a good parent for their Beloved Children runs deep and a parent will give their own blood for the safety of their offspring. They will do what they must to keep their children good and safe and happy and accomplished to do well and right in life. 

Do you know then that it is the very same with your Holy and Loving Celestial Parent? God, your Father, seeks nothing but happiness and Heaven for His Beloved Children. He wants no blackness or illness to befall His Children. It rankles His Heart and brings Him and His angels to tears. Thus does He bring the correction to His Children, that they correct or change or realize the behaviors that endanger their lives and souls. 

Oh Children, what must I say to convince you that the hourglass is empty? I see the manifestations of great sins taking place. Defiant fornication, lies, murders, abortion, prostitution, a desire to destroy the world as you know it. Such great hate in this world. No one believes in Me.  That I truly exist and so I have become a story. My solemn sacrifice has become a farce. Sin and wickedness have become excessive to the point of insanity. I cannot permit this to continue lest the entire world and all of My Beloved Children fall victim to its dark ways by complacency, fear, curiosity, or desire.    Oh Children, do not doubt that this correction is real. It will come suddenly. You may be walking on the street, asleep in your bed, eating, or working hard in your office. There will be no alarms to give you notice. But it comes. The correction. 

The Spirit shall rain down upon you the Truths of your sins and your eyes shall be held wide open to the scars and wounds and blackness. You will see the horrors of sin and know and feel the sickness sin bears with it. Belovéd Children, I do this, not to torture you but to show you, to warn you of what you do and what might be as you continue to follow the Worldly and not the Godly.

The fire will be sent into the heart of Man and he will see the darknesses of his life. The very sight of his soul will bring each man and woman and child to their knees.

Belovéd Children, those who disbelieve or even hate the Christ Jesus shall see or witness the true terror of their Souls' darknesses. They shall be thrust into blackness and all they shall hear are the moans of those who have paved the path for them with the sins of the past. 

Everyone will experience it. Do not collapse into chaos, but understand this as a gift from Me, your God and Beloved Parent. The disobedient but wise child sees this as a saving grace and learns not to repeat his mistakes. The foolish Child merely shrugs and repeats his errors. He does not learn and so he cannot reap the rewards of learning. Amen, I say, learn and change the ways of life or living. The changed children shall walk with Me. Others shall walk the way of darkness.  It is their choice to Love or not Love.  To sin or not sin.  Such is the choice My Children will make.  

It is a punishment your Loving God exacts out of Love, not hatred. I am your Loving Parent, and can you not see why this is My motivation? I want you with Me. Happy, safe, and joyous. To be so, you must know full-heartedly what you do that keeps you from Me. 

Know, Belovéd Children, that the Spirit opens your eyes in order to open your hearts. When you live in ignorance you cannot live in Light. Do not be afraid to call out to your Lord God and Father. Love and take what you see into your hearts.

Pray, Belovéd Children. Pray and prepare. A time comes and you will need My strength to endure this. It will be a cold, merciless experience without My Mercy to guide you. Prayer will be the salve you will use to console yourself and others who struggle. Pray for the World that it does not erupt into chaos.  For it can. Pray that those who are shocked by their lives repent and come to Me in sorrow. I will welcome them with open arms and accept their humble apologies. They shall live full lives in their sincere Love and knowledge of Me thereafter. 

So I say Belovéd Children, gird your belts. Be sure of your faith. Be sure of your trust in Me. Let your confidence not fail you when you are tested. Be prayerful and Loving. I am always with you, answering your prayers and Loving you (hugely).

Children, be sure, for this will come to pass.

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Recent Messages from God


Belovéd Children, now is the Time to come to Me, your ever present and ever Loving Lord God.  I am amongst you always and long for the call of My Belovéd Children.

Belovéd Children, pray, for the Time has come for chaos or darkness or tribulation. I tell you this not to scare you but to prepare you for what comes. Your preparation resides in prayer, devotion, the Rosary, and in your full trust in Me.

My Children, I am rejected because Man has allowed sin to become His Master. Instead of Love, Man feels hatred. Man prefers sin and desires the riches, position, fame, fulfillment from pleasures, gluttony, and more. I weep, My Children. My Heart shatters at the knowledge of what comes and what must come.

Know you are already in the throes of a terrible storm that is destined to become stronger, more chaotic, and more devastating. Creatures around the World will die in large quantities and food will be scarce. Fields of wheat, rice, and grain shall spoil from draughts and floods. The lands and raging fires will destroy city after city. The earth itself, devastated by Man’s sins, will regurgitate and spew upon Humanity calamity after calamity. Lands will roll over on themselves and sink into vast waters. Nation will war against nation. Many will starve.

Sicknesses come to you, and you will not have medicine provided by Man. Trust in your Belovéd and Blesséd Mother. She has said to keep the oil of the Good Samaritan ready. Trust in its efficacy against these strange and terrible illnesses.

My Children, this World as you know it will be stifled. In the coming years, you shall see death increase thousands by thousands and by thousands more. My Children, many will be wiped from this earth and you will be stunned by the magnitude of this change.

So many of My Belovéd and unprepared Children will panic, divide and lash out at your Lord God, mistakenly attributing the losses and devastations wrought by Man’s evil and apostasies to your Lord God who is Love. Ah, how blind and ill-prepared are so many!

In the coming days, Nations will change hands like so many coins at the market. One quarter will go into this Man’s (Nation’s) pocket. Another coin to another Man’s pocket. When all the coins have been distributed, there will be no more gold for use by those Children of Mine who are led astray. Thus, shall My Children be forced to rely on the hands of another, and those hands do no good, but evil. Those who entrust themselves to those hands of filth will be dismayed. They shall know their error and reparations will be great.

Do not allow yourself to be marked by the liar, despite all threats.

Yet, My Belovéds, those who trust in Me and Me as a Most Loving Parent will not worry. I will provide for you in all things, even when these hands reach for you, insisting it is their help in which you are in need. They shall use sweet and clever words to manipulate My Children into accepting their soiled/foul charity.

Children, this is why trust and prayer are so unspeakably important. You cannot succumb to the deceiver. You are My Belovéd Children! When you trust in your Loving Papa, you do not need to reply to those requests and demands. You cannot be led astray because I give to you all that you need. I alone will sustain you and your most prayerful brethren. Thus, how can these hands of power insist on their help when you have no need of it?

Belovéd Children, you will be tested. Your lives will be further constrained by deceitful men and they will seek to drive My Belovéds like cattle into a pen. Prepare, My Children, with devoted prayer. Hold your rosaries close to your Hearts and place My Heart at the forefront of your own.

Dearest and Beloved Children, new and vengeful prophets come soon and with them will come the infestations. Crops will be eaten by odd beetles and flies. All of the foods that grow above the ground will be laid to waste. Those below ground will not. The beetles will burrow and the false prophets will lead My Flock astray and then the beetles come. To confirm the heavier presence of false prophets. The pangs of the World itself are ignored. Earthquakes, hurricanes, the gaping holes that come from under the World are ignored. So in addition to these calamities, watch for these false and new prophets to be announced by an infestation.

Many lie in wait to prophesize wrongly, to deceive My Belovéd Children, and to make you accept all that is a sin.  They shall be such good or amazing sophists, many shall be deceived.  They will be so canny, many will believe that what is a devastating sin is nothing but the nature of Man after all.  White is not black and black cannot be white.  My Children, do not be fooled by those who would promote or encourage you to sin.

Do not succumb to their words and lies. The sophists who seek to destroy your precious Souls are now actively leading many of My Children away from Me. Hold tight to My Heart that you can discern lies from truth and what I accept and do not accept. Know that I do not accept sin. This is a truism that has always been and will always be.

Faithful Ones, pray and attend to Me every day. Soon, priests will be lost or vilified so that Masses will be scarce or fraudulent. My Name shall be uttered with open and celebrated hatred and sins will be committed purposely by many to wound the Precious Heart of the Christ.  The earth shall spit upon these hellions, yet their sinfulness grows. Children, I say to you, do not deny your Love for Me and you are ensured a seat at My Table.

You will endure ridicule and severe punishments for your Love of Me. Do not fear but trust in your Lord God, the Lord of the impossible, and the King of Love. I do not abandon you. Soon, this World will crumble in itself as money becomes worthless and My Children grow more divided still. Look to Me, My Belovéds. Turn to Me.

There shall be those who will attack.  Some mildly, others viciously.  Do not succumb to anger or violence, for that is what the dark one wishes.  Instead, prepare your Hearts for these dark onslaughts with deep prayer.  The World shall stand against you and seek to undermine your faith in Me and your trust in Me.  I say to you, pray deeply and you will not doubt the Christ Jesus or His Love for you.  Thus I have said, prayer strengthens your faith in your Lord God and you must be or will need to be very strong. How many shall be able to sell all that they have for one treasure or one magnificent pearl?

Do not be frivolous with your Time. Soon the horses will stomp their hooves impatiently and the birds as a whole flock will fly away in great numbers. And red rocks will fall from the sky and such black smoke will fill the skies such that no sun will be seen for three days.

Close your eyes to this darkness. Do not listen to the voice of the darkness. Speak not to the darkness you perchance to hear. One word, one sighting, thus you are pulled out into the frenzy of evil that shall be running outside the homes of those who worship the Lord God. You shall gather your children and pray. Fast during this time and pray deep and intimate prayers. This will be a difficult time for all people. Let not a crack show through lest your eye be drawn to it.  Keep all holy things by you and keep absolute confidence in your Love and faith for your Lord God.

My Children, do not fear. Do not mistake these tragedies with abandonment or rejection. I am a God of Mercy but I cannot abide by the sinfulness of this World. Man must be purified and you are more precious to Me than gold or any other thing Man might deem valuable. Trust in that Love. Trust that you are Precious to Me and know I allow this storm to purify Man and bring many back into My Arms. I wait, both dreading the storm but anticipating the joy that comes after.

My World in Heaven is an Eternal one, one that is created for My Belovéd Children. Come to Me, Children, with repentant Hearts and with Love in your minds, and I shall embrace you wholeheartedly. Even as times grow more and more difficult, every Child who turns to Me in their difficulties with hopeful and longing Hearts will draw My Total Attention and I shall bring them into My Bosom which is all Love and Forgiveness. Many of those who are enlightened will turn to Me, their Lord God and Father, and they shall reap the benefits of alignment with My Will. Those who do not accept the Truth of My Light shall perish.

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